The Dog Must Die Plotting Workshop

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Plotting: as an author, you either hate it or love it.
Or maybe, you start out with a great plot but stall out and have no idea where to take your story next. A ton of information already exists on the web, all trying to point you in that right direction. You can get lost in the muddle of beat sheets, hero's journey, three or five act structures, the Freytag pyramid, the Fichtean curve. All said and done though, successful plotting hinges on one single element, and once you figure out the secret, you can write yourself out of all kinds of plot holes and stalled stories.

In this course, you will learn:

  • What is Plot, the secret to any great story.
  • The Freytag Pyramid and other structures and why they don't really matter. 
  • What Deep Third Point of View really is
  • The importance of theme
  • Types of Narrative time
  • How to best use setting

Whether you are an outliner or panster, The Dog Must Die Plotting Workshop is for you. In addition to all the great videos and handouts, you'll recieve a complete workshop/critique of up to 10 pages.

Who am I that you should listen to me?

My name is Steve Bargdill. I'm the author of two novels, hold a master's degree from the University of Wyoming in English Literature, and teach writing on a daily basis. I hail from the great metropolis New Knoxville, Ohio where I regaled my high school English teachers with essays on the lost art of the outhouse. I am a father, a student, a teacher, maker of galaxies, tamer of dragons. Slave to my cat. A time travel dreamer. I've lived everywhere–or at least it feels like I've lived everywhere: Dayton, Columbus, Troy, St. Marys, Lincoln, Nebraska, Muncie, Indiana, Laramie, Wyoming, New Hampshire. Where I have not lived, I've seen, traveling U.S. highways delivering frozen TV dinners, apples, chocolate, and T-shirts in the back of a fifty-two foot trailer. I've seen the backsides of many warehouses. I am a self-proclaimed Americanist, regrets not ever hiking the Appalachian Trail, and believes literature weaves through our everyday lives; that stories explain who we are.

I have taught hybrid courses through the University of Wyoming and have done some online video training, but this is my first independent course, and I need your help! I'm capping the course at 25 students, and the first time out of the gate, I'm offering a 50% discount. There's a survey at the end of the course asking for advice, how I can make the course better for the next set of students. 

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